How to Apply for HSRP, High-Security Registration Plates, Status Check Online

Book HSRP Online for Delhi, UP, Haryana, Punjab: If you are looking for a full support guide for book High-Security Registration Plates online then you are at the right place. check our easy steps with photos to buy HSRP online.

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Book UP, Delhi, Haryana HSRP Online: Check easy steps to Apply for HSRP High-Security Registration Plates. Once done check delivery online

Book UP, Delhi, Haryana HSRP Online: Check easy steps to Apply for HSRP High-Security Registration Plates. Once done check delivery online

Book My HSRP: Car theft has been one of the common crimes in India for years. Though the companies are improving their car protection technology, it seems like the thieves are continuing to catch up with the technology and find ways to crack the immobilizers. Applying HSRP online from Book My HSRP is a simple process, you can follow these steps

How to Register for HSRP Online

Step 1: Open Book My HSRP Website

Book my HSRP Website Book my HSRP Website

Open on any browser.

Step 2: Fill Vehicle Information

HSRP Vehicle Information HSRP Vehicle Information

Fill in the vehicle information, like state, registration number, chassis number, and engine number.

Step 3: Fill Contact Details

HSRP Contact Detials HSRP Contact Detials

You have to fill in your contact details.

Step 4: Select Appointment Slot

Select HSRP Appointment Slot Select HSRP Appointment Slot

You can find a suitable appointment slot for yourself.

Step 5: Confirm Booking Summary

Confirm HSRP Booking Summary Confirm HSRP Booking Summary

You have to confirm your booking summary.

Step 6: Make Payment

Make HSRP Payment Make HSRP Payment

Verify your details and make the payment.

Step 7: Download Receipt

Download HSRP Receipt Download HSRP Receipt

You can download the receipt generated.

Book My HSRP: Thieves mainly prey on cars that have good resale value. To minimize, rather prevent theft, The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) and Delhi Transport Department have come up with a rule to affix high-security registration plates (HSRP) on vehicles registered before April 1, 2019. The new vehicles registered after this date come equipped with HSRP as well as a color-coded sticker.

About HSRP

A high-security registration plate (HSRP) is an aluminum plate that can be fixed on all vehicles with two locks that cannot be used again. The plate also features a hot-stamped Ashoka Chakra hologram (20 mm x 20 mm) made from chromium, on its top left-hand corner in both front and rear sides to avoid imitate fraudulently. HSRP has become mandatory not only in Delhi but also NCR region.

HSRP Status Checker Online

You can now order your HSRP and color-coded sticker from a registration authority. You can also order from the official website – and track your order by filling in the order number and vehicle registration number.

What Is HSR Plate?

HSR plate is not an ordinary registration plate; it will be electronically linked to the vehicle. The police can get all the details of the vehicle by this registration plate, like registration date, engine number, and chassis number. A vehicle can be tracked by this registration place, hence a helpful source in tracing either lost or stolen vehicle.

HSRP Features

HSRP Features HSRP Features

What Is Colour Coded Sticker?

Color-coded stickers are available in two colors- blue, orange, and green. The blue sticker indicates that the vehicle uses petrol or CNG fuel, while the orange sticker is affixed on a diesel-run vehicle and the green sticker on an electric vehicle. The sticker is to be placed on the windscreen from inside. If the vehicle adheres to BS6 norms, an additional green strip will be issued to be placed on the top of the color-coded sticker.

HSRP Price

You have to pay up to Rs 1,000 for HSRP for a four-wheeler and Rs. 600 for a two-wheeler.

Color-Coded 3rd Registration Plate

HSRP Color Coded 3rd Registration Plate HSRP Color Coded 3rd Registration Plate

Colour Coded Stickers Price

You also have to pay an additional Rs 100 for the color-coded sticker for your vehicle.

Challan without HSRP

The Delhi transport department is currently imposing a fine of Rs 5,500 on Delhi-NCR registered vehicles without a high-security registration plate and color-coded sticker.

HSRP Pictorial View

HSRP Pictorial View HSRP Pictorial View

HSRP Plates: Documents required

You can apply for an HSRP plate online without having to upload any document. However, you have to fill the form with information from the vehicle’s RC, like registration date, registration number, engine number, and chassis number.

State Wise Government Websites Links for HSRP Registration

Let us have a look at the government websites link for various states. Click on the below link and it will redirects you to the official High-Security Number Plate- HSRP Website of that State or Union Territory.

What’s the importance of HSRP?

Of course, this mandate will lower vehicle theft on a great level. HSRP cannot be tampered by the thieves and also the PIN on the hologram cannot be copied. Every vehicle’s details will not be stored in a centralized database.

HSRP Official Website is HSRP Official Website authorized by the government, from where you can order HSRP with a color-coded sticker or only a color sticker.


• The Plate shall be a solid unit made of aluminum conforming to AIX 159:2019 or ISO:7591
• Laminated with Reflective sheeting having IND inbuilt IND
• Chromium Based ‘Chakra’ design Hologram shall be applied by Hot stamping.
• The Plate should have permanent identification number of minimum Ten Digits laser branded, preceded
by two alphabets into the reflective sheeting on the bottom left-hand side of the registration plate.
• The HSRP shall be Embossed with Alpha numerals borders and characters should be hot stamped
using a Black Foil bearing ‘INDIA’ Security inscription.
• A Third registration plate in form of a sticker that shall be pasted on the wind shield of the vehicle.
• Affixation with non-removable, non-reusable Snap Locks.

HSRP Benefits

i. Standardization of Registration Plates Across the Nation.
ii. Curb thefts of vehicles and vehicle borne crime since HSRPs is issued
post due verification and validation of data.
iii. Introduction of Laser Identification Recognition system through HSRP
iv. Regulation of the issuance of HSRP so that illegal plates cannot be sold
and distributed by miscreants.
v. Assistance to law enforcing authorities in tackling road related crimes.
vi. Digitization of data

FAQ on (HSRP) High-Security Registration Plate

1What is HSRP in vehicle registration?

HSRP is an aluminum-made "high-security registration plate" which is fixed on a vehicle using two non-reusable locks

2What is the cost of HSRP?

On average, the HSRP costs around Rs 400 for two-wheelers, up to Rs 1,100 for four-wheelers depending on the category.

3Is HSRP number plate compulsory?

According to Media Reports, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has mandated all vehicles to have a high security registration plate (HSRP)

4Can i get HSRP at my home address?

Yes, BookMyHSRP website gives you this option. You just have to select home delivery option while booking HSRP.

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