Grocery Shopping Safety Tips in COVID-19 by Jeffrey VanWingen

Team Inligting
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  • 15 March 2021,
  • 4:48 PM

During a Coronavirus pandemic safety and hygiene are the primary things to do. Here we have a video on Tips for safe grocery shopping Watch it now!

Get some corona food safety tips during a stay at home due to coronavirus pandemic. When you are exposed outside, you never know how long the virus has stayed on the surfaces you are about to expose yourselves.

It is recommended that when you go to the groceries, bring only what’s required in your homes for safety. Even when you go out and you wipe your shopping cart,  yet all the items in the store have been touched and not sanitized, so here are a few tips you need to carry out! Watch this video on how to keep yourselves safe from coronavirus!

First Published | Monday | 30 November 2020 , 3:10 PM