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Anshita Meen
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Protein Coffee Proffee Recipe in Hindi and English

Easy step to make Protein Coffee, Proffee at home

SUMMARY: Proffee Recipe (Protein Coffee): What Is It, Why is it Trending, & How to Make It? | Get over the Dalgona coffee and try the newest trending Proffee coffee, which is breaking the social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Proffee is a combination of protein shakes along coffee. This type of coffee is perfect for adding extra protein content to the coffee that not only makes it more satisfying but also keeps your stomach full for a long time. All the fitness enthusiasts are loving this newest form of coffee and have become nothing less than a rage. They are loving Proffee Coffee for its top coffee taste upgraded with a good protein intake. Learn Easy step to make Proffee (Protein Coffee) at home

Recipe Details:

  • Chef: Anshita Meen
  • Category: Breavage
  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Prep Time: 05 mins
  • Cook Time: 01 min
  • Total Time: 06 Mins
  • Servings: 1
  • Nutrition: 160 Calories per Cup

Ingredients of Protein Proffee Coffee Recipe:

  • Coffee
  • Good quality Whey Protein Powder
  • RO Water
  • Ice Cubes
  • Coffee Syrup, which is optional

How to make Protein Proffee Coffee Recipe

Step 1: Collect the ingredients

It is better to collect all the ingredients for proffee coffee first, as it will help you complete the next steps with ease. 

Collect the Proffee ingredients viz:

  • Coffee (as per your taste buds)
  • Good quality Whey Protein Powder
  • RO Water
  • Ice Cubes
  • Coffee Syrup, which is optional

Step 2: Brew Coffee

Pour Over/Drip is the most basic way to brew coffee at home. You may also use a plunger/press for brewing if it is available at your home.

Brew your coffee

Step 3: Add water and protein powder in Bowl

Take a bowl, and add water and protein powder to it. Use a whisk or shaker to mix them. Else, directly use a ready-to-drink protein shake and eliminate the need of making one.

Step 4: Add IceCubes

Add simple ice cubes or coffee ice cubes, which will keep your coffee strong. Also, it does not dilute the flavor, even on the melting of ice cubes.

Add as many ice cubes as you want in a cup.

Step 5: Fill Cup with protein drink

There are different types of coffee mugs that can be selected based on your individual preferences. Stoneware, glass, tumbler, ceramic and classic proffee cups can be used.

Fill this cup with the protein drink.

Step 6: Add Coffee

Add Coffee (as per your taste buds)

Step 7: Stir the Mixture

Standard stirring time is 30 to 45 seconds. You should stir the above mixture for this duration to make the tasty Proffee, whose taste can be relished throughout the day.

Step 8: Your Protein Proffee Ready to Serve

Your protein coffee is ready to be consumed. As per your preference, you can either take it before your workout or after it.


What is Proffee?

Proffee is the newest type of coffee that is trending a lot on social media platforms. Proffee coffee is a cool drink that is lauded as the perfect combination of iced coffee or espresso and a protein shake. Because of this reason, proffee is also being called protein coffee. Currently, on Instagram, proffee is trending and lauded by various fitness enthusiasts. Proffee is a wonderful recipe to begin your day on the perfect note.

Proffee Trending on Social Media

Recently, a new caffeine-fueled trend started doing rounds on TikTok – a popular social medial platform. In fact, it can be said that the trend called “proffee” virtually exploded on the platform. From there, it made its move to another popular social media platform – Instagram. Presently, on searching with the hashtag #proteincoffee on Instagram, you will find 66.8K posts. For the hashtag #proffee, there over 5000 posts. Facebook also has some posts for the search term “proffee” which are gaining a few likes and shares.

What does Proffee taste like?

Before making proffee for the first time, you might wonder how is its taste. This protein coffee has the combined taste of your favorite coffee brand and your choice of protein powder. So their combination will obviously produce a taste which your taste buds will love. Overall, sweet and delicious are two terms that define the proffee taste. The final taste and nutrition of this protein coffee are completely dependent on its way of making and the ingredients used.

When is Proffee best consumed?

Just like its taste, the consumption of Proffee is also dependent on your choice. You can take this protein coffee before starting your workout. It will keep your stomach full for a long time and give you the feel of a full stomach. Many health experts also say that if you consume a protein drink within 2 hours of workout, then it will help in repairing the muscle damage if any. Consequently, you can consume proffee within 2 hours of workout.

How many calories are in Proffee?

There can be just about 160 calories in this protein coffee. This quantity is always altering since everyone makes proffee with their own set of ingredients, which includes sweeteners and an amount of protein. The presence of protein is also different in various brands of protein powder. Ready-to-drink protein shake has other protein counts. In other words, the amount of these ingredients decide the final calorie count in proffee.

What is the Best Protein For Use in Proffee?

To make this drink, the most base ingredients are coffee and protein powder or shake. These will add taste to the drink and make it delicious. Since a protein shake is available in ready-to-use form, it is preferred over the other options of protein powder. You need to add some water to the proffee so that it takes a drinkable form. Whey Protein is the most popular protein for use in proffee. If you are using its non-flavored variants, then you need to add a sweetener. Else, you can go for vanilla or chocolate flavored variants of Whey Protein.

What is the Best coffee to make Proffee with?

The selection of coffee in making proffee is completely dependent on you. The most common and popular choices of coffee are espresso, cold brew, pour-over, and french press coffee. If you are selecting espresso, then use its one or two shots only. These can also be ordered at Starbucks, Café Coffee Day, and other brands of coffee. Using your choice of coffee, not only you will not miss your daily breakfast ritual, but you will also get the extra protein for your body.

What are the Health Benefits of Proffee?

By now you must know that protein is the key ingredient in the making of proffee. Hence, the health benefits of this coffee type are also associated with protein, which is its primary nutrient. In the human body, it is present in every cell to ensure its well-being. This macro-nutrient is useful for building and preserving lean muscle mass. Depending on your fitness level, strength, shape, gender, age, and weight, you might require a different quantity of proteins. Post-workout, muscles often broke down which is repaired by proteins. So taking proffee in the morning is the best way to gain its health benefits.

What Equipments are needed to make Proffee at home?

You can easily find the equipments for making proffee at home. Remember that this protein coffee drink should be refreshing and so you should add quite a few ice cubes in the iced coffee and protein drink mixture. You can even try something different to make proffee more refreshing. In terms of ingredients, ice cubes, coffee, and protein drink or powder are needed. From the equipment perspective, keep the following ones nearby for quick proffee making.

  • Whisks and bowl OR one shaker
  • Coffee brewer
  • Large cup or glass
  • Spoon/Handheld Mixer

What are the best Proffee Making Tips?

Making proffee for the first time! Then check out the following best proffee making tips that will help you.

  1. Keep all the ingredients on the kitchen top, so that these can be accessed easily
  2. Make sure to use good equipment only
  3. Do not use extra sweeteners if you are using flavored protein powder or shake
  4. Always use a large cup or glass as the mixture can become large in quantity
  5. Take Proffee before a workout or within 2 hours after it


Proffee has become very popular on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. It is trending quite a lot due to its combination of coffee and protein powder. It can be made using any coffee of your choice, branded protein (powder, drink, or ready-to-drink), ice cubes, and RO water. Proffee will complete your protein intake without compromising on your morning coffee drink. If you are a health enthusiast, then this drink is perfect for you.

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