Rajan Rao says Farmer of India is fighting for His Rights

Team Inligting
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  • 04 August 2021,
  • 9:28 PM

Congress leader Rajan Rao: The farmer of India is fighting for his rights today, the farmer is on the streets raising his voice for his rights but the BJP government pretending to be patriotic is not crawling on the ears of the government. This poor government should remember one thing, it is a farmer, it can also cut the root of the BJP.

About Rajan Rao

A keen observer and a passionate guide, Rajan Rao is the political secretary to Kumari Selja, the President of Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC). He is also the secretary at the HPCC and observer of the South Haryana Districts. He seeks and works for the development of Haryana through continuous political advancement and active social communication. He also brings forth the situation of the underprivileged in the society and lends them a voice. He is officially present on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. He is opinionated in his functioning and is an upfront critique. He takes active interest in matters like healthcare & education. He is an empathetic political leader and thinker. He aspires to be the voice of people.


First Published | Wednesday | 03 February 2021 , 7:10 PM