Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Wishes Images, Quotes & Greetings

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Messages: Share Krishan Kanahiya Janmashtami Wishes Stickers to your friends, family, and your loved ones.

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Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Messages

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Messages

About Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2022 will be celebrated for two days – 18th and 19th August. The mahurat (ashtami date) of this krishna festival is from 11:21 Hrs on 18 August 2022 to 22:59 Hrs on 19th August 2022. Shri Krishna Janmashtami is always celebrated with great enthusiasm and has huge importance in the Hindu religion. In all the Hindu temples located in India and other countries, Lord Shri Krishna’s infant form is given special reverence on this day. Laddu Gopal is worshiped, and it is said that doing so will grant all of your wishes.

The festive celebration of Shri Krishna Janmashtami includes sharing of wishes, images, quotes, photos, messages and greetings. But all these are incomplete without conducting the pooja and prayer. On this day, fasting should be observed by the devotees. Since this day is dedicated to Lord Krisha’s child form, charanamrit of curd has special significance as the prasad. Also, pooja of the God Krishna on Janmashtami must be done by using various ingredients such as kumkum, akshat, Pancha dry fruits, Ganges water, incense sticks, camphor, saffron, turmeric, roli, betel leaves, lotus, tulsi mala, vermilion, betel nut, honey, sugar, etc.

Date In India, Time Significance And Shubh Mahurat of Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2022

Date 19th August 2022
Brahma Muhurta 04.32 am – 05.16 am
Abhijit Muhurta 12.04 pm – 12.56 pm

Happy Janmashtami 2022: Wishes Images, Status, Quotes, Photos, Messages, and Greetings

This Shri Krishna Janmashtami, it is the time to celebrate the joyous festival of Lord Krishna that marks his birth anniversary. You can do pooja and prayer at your home or temple and pass on your greetings to near and dear ones via various images/photos, images with quotes, photos with lord Krishna teachings and messages.

Celebrate the Hindu festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami this year by sharing images and messages of the god via your social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and others. Here are a few ready-to-share images for you.

“May Lord Krishna come to your house & take away all your Makhan- Mishri with all your worries & sorrow”.

If you don’t fight for what you want;
Don’t cry for what you lost.
~The Bhagavad Gita

It is very obvious that there will be victory of truth always,
So always try to do the things told by
Krishna and behave like a lord Rama

May Lord Krishna, also known as:
Ajaya – The Conqueror of Life and Death
Bihari – The Travelling Lord
Hari – The Lord Of Nature
Jagannatha – Master Of The Universe
Madana – The Lord Of Love
Narayana – The Refuge Of Everyone
Purshottama – The Supreme Soul
Sanatana – The Eternal Lord
Shyam – Dark-Complexioned Lord
Vishwatma – Soul Of The Universe
Yogi – The Supreme Master
Bless you at all times! – Krishna Janmashtami quotes in English

मुरली मनोहर कृष्ण कन्हैया जमुना के तट पे विराजे हैं,
मोर मुकुट पर कानों में कुण्डल कर में मुरलिया साजे है – Krishna Janmashtami quotes in Hindi

May Lord Krishna Showers All His Blessing On You.
May you get a lot of happiness in life…
Happy Janmashtami!
Jay Shri Krishna… Here are Happy Janmashtami wishes for you.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2021 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Messages
Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Messages
Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2021 Wishes Images Quotes Status Messages
Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Wishes Images Quotes Status Messages
Krishna Janmashtami wishes photos
Krishna Janmashtami wishes photos

Who is Lord Krishna?

Shri Krishna is God in Hinduism and the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born in Dwapara Yuga. Shortly after his birth, he killed the demonic Putana sent by Kansa, after that Shaktasura, Trinavarta etc. Later he left Gokul and came to Nand village, where he also performed many pastimes, in which Gocharan Leela, Govardhan Leela, Ras Leela etc. are the main ones. After this, he killed Mama Kansa in Mathura.

Lord Krishna then established the city of Dwarka in Saurashtra. Thereafter, he helped the Pandavas and protected them from various troubles. In the war of Mahabharata, he played the role of the charioteer of Arjuna and preached to him on the battlefield itself.

Lord Krishna’s Birth Story

Shri Krishna was born to kill Kansa, son of Ugrasen king of Mathura. According to mythology, Kansa, the son of Ugrasen king of Mathura, imprisoned him in Dwapar Yuga and declared himself the king of Mathura. Kansa had a sister Devaki, who was married to Vasudeva with great fanfare. But when Kansa was sending off Devaki, at that time there was an Akashvani that Devaki’s eighth son would kill Kansa.

After Akashvani, Kansa decided to kill sister Devaki. But Vasudeva advised Kansa that when we have our eighth child, we will hand it over to you. Kansa understood this point but he imprisoned Vasudev and Devaki.

Miraculous Birth of Lord Krishna

  • Kansa had killed the seven children of Devaki and Vasudeva. Now the eighth child was about to take birth.
  • The sky was covered with thick clouds, it was raining heavily, lightning was thumping and Lord Krishna was about to be born.
  • At midnight, all the locks of the prison were broken automatically and all the soldiers engaged in the security of the prison fell into a deep sleep.
  • Then, Lord Vishnu appeared and told Vasudeva and Devaki that he will take birth as their 8th son. He also said that he should leave her at Nanda Baba’s place in Gokul and hand over the girl just born there to Kansa.
  • Vasudeva did as per the instructions of Lord Vishnu. The girl brought from Gokul was handed over to Kansa.
  • As soon as Kansa raised his hand to kill the girl, the girl disappeared into the sky and there was a voice from the sky that the one whom Kansa wanted to kill had reached Gokul.
  • Hearing this Akashvani, Kansa became more frightened. To kill Krishna, Kansa alternately sent demons to Gokul, but Krishna killed everyone. In the end, Shri Krishna also killed Kansa.

10 Thing To Know About Lord Krishna

On the eve of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, here are the top 10 things to know about Lord Krishna.

1. The Lord Krisha has 108 names

Shri Krishna is known by a few popular names such as Gopal, Govind, Devakinandan, Mohan, Shyam, Ghanshyam, Hari, Girdhari, and Baanke Bihari. However, in total, he has 108 names.

2. Shri Krishna had 16,108 wives

Lord Krishna had 8 principal wives called ‘Ashtabharya’ namely Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra, and Lakshmana. The Lord rescued 16,100 women from a demon Narakasura, who kept them in captivity. These women were not accepted by the general public, and hence they returned to Shri Krishna, who married all of them to safeguard their honour. It is believed that he never made any relations with any of them.

3. The curse of Queen Gandhari led to the death of Shri Krishna

At the end of the Kurukshetra war (Mahabharat), queen Gandhari cursed Shri Krishna that he along with his dynasty would end in 36 years. Krisha accepted this and returned without touching her feet, as he knew that on doing so, Gandhari might withdraw her curse.

4. He had dark skin, not blue

The actual skin colour of Shri Krishna was dark contrary to the blue colour, which is generally depicted in paintings and idols. It is believed that his comprehensive, and attractive aura had blue hues, and so he is depicted in blue colour.

5. Shri Krishna gave life to the dead son of Guru Sandipani Muni

As Guru Dakshina, Lord Krishna and Balarama successfully restored the life of the dead son of Guru Sandipani Muni, from whom they completed their education.

6. Krishna and the Pandavas were related

The mother of Pandavas was Kunti, who was the sister of Vasudev, who in turn was the father of Krishna.

7. Eklavya was Krishna’s cousin

Eklavya is a well known skilled archer. His father was Devsharavu who was the brother of Vasudev (Krishna’s father). After the incident, where Dronacharya makes Eklavya cut off his right thumb, Shri Krishna gives him a boon that he will be reincarnated to his revenge. Later, Eklavya was reincarnated as Dhrishtadyumna.

8. There are conflicts on the mentioning of Radha’s name

Radha has been the epitome of love with Krishna. However, a number of spiritualists have mentioned that Radha’s name is not present in any of the ancient scriptures. Some believe that Radha’s name was first seen in the works of Acharya Nimbark and poet Jayadeva. However, some believe that her name is concealed in the Rigveda and some of the Puranas.

9. Shri Krisha is Multi-Religion

Lord Krishna was a “Manifestation of God” and a major deity in the Hindu religion. Along with this, Shri Krishna is also a part of the Jain religion, where he is mentioned as Vasudeva, one of the Triads. Also, in the Buddhism religion, he is mentioned in the Jataka tales where he is a prince who ends the life of his evil uncle Kansa.

10. Shri Krishna’s death was caused due to various curses and his own act of adharma against Vali.

The main curse that caused Shri Krishna’s death is that given by Gandhari (read point 3). The sage Durvasa also cursed him, when Lord Krishna did not apply kheer on the feet of Durvasa as they were resting on the ground. This enrages the sage and he cursed Krishna that his death would be by his foot.

With the self-destruction of the Yadava clan (due to Gandhari’s Curse), Shri Krishna rested under a tree and went into yoga samadhi. There a hunter Jara shot an arrow into his foot, mistaking it for an animal. When Jara asked for forgiveness, then the lord said in the Tretayug, Krishna was Rama and he had deceived Vali (Sugreeva’s brother). Vali is reincarnated as Jara and was destined to kill him.

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