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Pani Puri Recipe

Pani Puri | Golgappa | Puchka Recipe: Panipuri is a very popular street snack in India originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is a crispy dough ball stuffed with sprouts, potatoes, spicy, tangy or sweet chutney. It is known by many names in different regions such as fulki, paani patashi, phuchka and others.

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Khaman Dhokla Recipe

Khaman Dhokla is a spongy, soft tangy-sweet snack made from flour or semolina. It is a culinary dish of Gujarat and also made with a fermented batter derived from chickpeas or rice. It is served and enjoyed as a teatime snack, breakfast snack or even as a main course. Dhokla is also similar to Khaman, which is made from chickpeas and its yellow.