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Anshita Meen
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  • 09 May 2021,
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Mawa Gujiya Recipe in Hindi English Holi Special Food

Learn easy steps to make holi special mawa gujiya at home

SUMMARY: Holi Special Mawa Gujiya Recipe: Mawa gujiya is an Indian sweet dish in the shape of a dumpling, mainly famous in North India. All the goodness of dry fruits and sweet mawa is wrapped in crispy flatbread. The gujiya once wrapped and sealed is traditionally fried and then dipped into the sugar syrup. Health-conscious people who generally avoid taking sweets can even enjoy the baked version of this sweet. You can follow a few simple steps at home to start preparing for the upcoming festival of colours. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready so that you can smoothly complete every step of the process.

Recipe Details:

  • Chef: Anshita Meen
  • Category: Sweets
  • Cuisine: North Indian
  • Prep Time: 40 mins
  • Cook Time: 30 mins
  • Total Time: 1 Hour, 10 Mins
  • Servings: 20
  • Nutrition: 197 Calories per Serving

Ingredients of Mawa Gujiya:

  • Mawa -500g
  • Cashew Nut (Crushed)- 100g
  • Almond- 50g
  • Raisins- 50g
  • Cardamom Powder - 1 spoon
  • Rawa or Suji - 1 bowl
  • Crushed sugar- 1 big bowl
  • Refined flour- 500g
  • Ghee -1kg
  • Gujiya Mold
  • Cooking Utensils

How to make Mawa Gujiya

Step 1: Prepare The Dough

Slowly add ghee into the refined flour, while mixing both continuously with the other hand. Continue to knead the flour by adding ½ cup of water slowly until it becomes a firm dough. Cover the dough with a moist cloth and keep it aside.

Step 2: Prepare Sugar Syrup

Take a pan and add one cup of sugar and 1.75 cups of water. Turn on the stove and cook the syrup for a few minutes. Do not forget to continuously stir the syrup. You can check if the syrup is ready by taking a drop of cooled syrup between your thumb and finger and check if it feels sticky and forms a single string.

Step 3: Cook Mawa

Take a kadhai and put it on the stove. Now add grated mawa and cook it over low flame until it turns golden. Now add remaining crushed sugar, stir the mixture, turn the stove off and keep the mixture aside.

Step 4: Cook Rawa

Now it’s time to cook rawa in a kadhai until it turns golden. Then add mawa and all dry fruits in the mix.

Step 5: Make Mawa Gujiya

Make small balls of kneaded dough. Turn each ball into the shape of puri and stuff each puri with 1 tablespoon of rawa, mawa and dry fruits mixture. Fold the puri or flatbread from one side to meet the other side. Make use of a gujiya mould to get the traditional shape of this Indian sweet. Make sure the gujiya mould is brushed properly with oil so that gujiya doesn’t stick on it. Follow this step and make all gujiyas ready to be fried.

Step 6: Fry Mawa Gujiya

Put kadhai on the stove and ghee in it. Once the oil is hot, start frying two to three gujiyas at a time. Fry gujiya until it becomes golden from both sides.

Step 7: Your MAWA GUJIYA is ready!

Dip the deep-fried gujiya in the sugar syrup for a few minutes and then take them out on a plate.

Types of Gujiya

This was the recipe for traditional gujiya. You can also try other types of Gujiyas as well this Holi. Bhang gujiya is famous among people who celebrate Holi with delicious bhang and thandai. Bhang is one more ingredient that is added to the original stuffing. Other varieties that people love to try are khas gujiya, coconut gujiya, chocolate gujiya and rabdi gujiya.

Gujiya Tips

● Cook mawa for 2-3 minutes, no longer than that over low flame.
● Bring the mixture to room temperature before stuffing it into puris.
● You can seal and shape the edges of the gujiya by hand if you don’t have a mould.
● Fry Gujiya on a low flame, so that it cooks well.
● You can add dry fruits of your liking to the stuffing.

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