How to make End Portal in Minecraft

Minecraft Eng Portal: Minecraft is a game full of exploration, it always leads to curiosity in the mind of the gamers. While you roam and explore the plains, jungles and mountains of Minecraft, the marveling virtual beauty stretches with a dark side that awaits you! Among demons and other trophies, there’s much more to explore…the fortress, resources, treasures to loot and an adventurous journey.

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How to make end portal in minecraft

How to make end portal in minecraft

In the game, there’s an End Portal which is a unique structure used to enter the End biome. As a player, you get two different ways to get to this portal, you can either build the frame or the other involves searching for the assembled frame in a Stronghold. To help you find that End Portal, let this guide show you the steps on how to make a portal in Minecraft.

How to Build an Minecraft End Portal

Step 1: Make the frame

• One of the easiest ways to get to the End Biome is to create your own End portal by using the above-mentioned materials. You need to place the End Portal in front of you, and placing the portal around you in circles.

• Create the fame by using the 12 end portal frames, add three end portal frames and then build them for the other side of the portal.

Step 2: Add the Eye of Ender

• Once the frame is created, simply add the Eye of Ender by standing in the middle of the portal.

• Don’t add the 12th one, always make sure you step out before placing the last Eye of Ender.

For this, firstly, you will need to build two portals: The Nether and End Biome. Now, to reach the End Biome, you will have to build an End Portal, which means you need to collect items for Nether Fortress, therefore the first step is to build a Nether Portal.

Materials required to make End Portal

A. 12 Eyes of Ender: Materials and steps needed to make 12 Eyes of Ender

• 1 End Pearl
• 1 Blaze Power

Start by crafting a grid from the crafting menu

Place the two items pearl and power in the 3×3 grid

Once the crafting area is filled, the Eye of Ender will appear on the box to the right

Now, move the item to the inventory and collect it from there

B. 12 End Portal Frames: This is needed only if you are building the frame

3 ways to Build End Portal

Step 1: Build a Nether Portal

• Create Obsidian blocks, to obtain Obsidian, you need red hot lava, water bucket and a diamond pickaxe

• Gather water

• Find hot lava and pour water on it

• When the lava cools, collect water using the empty bucket

Step 2: Create steel and flint

• Open your furnace, place the iron ore to the top square and the fuel to the bottom square

• Now drag the final iron ingot to the inventory

• Place iron flint to the top square and the iron ingot into the centre square

• Drag the steel and flint tool to the inventory

Step 3: Finally, You can build the Nether Portal, what you need:

• 14 obsidian blocks

• Stack 4 of the obsidian blocks on the left block to the ground which creates a column

• Connect the columns with two obsidian blocks

• Move your steel, flint or fire to the Hotbar

• Ignite the portal

• Finally, You can build an End Portal!

Minecraft end portal Video

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