How to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

Are you feeling to not gaining weight? here are some healthy ways to gain weight when you are underweight.

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  • 20 December 2020,
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7 healthy tips to gain weight

Are you having problems with gaining weight? You think you have tried everything, you have read online ways and means to gain weight or been advised what to, but haven’t achieved such goals. Don’t’ worry, we’ve got just the right tip to help you gain weight, here’s how:

7 Best Ways to Help Gain Weight

Step 1: Meals

Eat More Meals

Step 2: Eat Protein

Eat More Protein

Step 3: Caloric Food

Eat Caloric Dense Foods

Step 4: Heavy Lifting

Lift Heavy everyday

Step 5: Sleep well

Get quality sleep

Step 6: Liquid


Step 7: Don't Smoke

Please Don’t smoke to crease your weight.

If you have a hard time eating, don’t worry much about it! The best way is to eat more meals and you can do this by eating small meals every two hours, eat something healthy and full of carbs and protein to help build the fats in your body.

Eat More Protein

Protein is an important intake to gain weight, therefore your diet should always contain the right amount of protein to help you build your muscles and its growth. As it’s required to lose a few calories and protein to lose weight, its vice versa for gaining weight.

Eat Caloric Dense Foods

If you are wondering what high caloric dense food is? They include meats, tofu, fish, granola, avocados, beans, milk, whole grains, sweet potatoes, and nuts. A daily intake of high caloric food can help in gaining weight as you can gain a good amount of calories and carbs.

Lift Heavy

To gain weight, it takes more than just food, it also takes a lot of exercise such as heavy lifting. With heavy lifting, you can build good muscles as effectively as using lighter weights. The more you lift, the more your body size expands which help in building a stronger and leaner body.

Get quality sleep

Good sleep is required for your body to stay healthy and also help in gaining weight. Your body is getting to rest and get the amount of energy to consume and keep you healthy. This way you tend to get more hungry, as your body is healthy which can help you in eating and consuming more meals.


Try a lot of smoothies and shakes, they have more calories! They are made with milk or fresh fruit. If drinking liquids before a meal blunts your appetite, try sip higher calories beverage along with the meal. Make every drink count for gaining that weight!

Don’t smoke

Smoking cigarettes can affect your metabolism and your heart rate rates get faster and so does your metabolic rate. Cigarettes can really make you thin and it strikes to suppress your appetites and leads to losing weight.

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