How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Decoration How to Steps: Check out these easy decorating tips to turn your 2020 Christmas tree into a holiday masterpiece.

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How to Decorate Christmas Tree at home Easy Steps

How to Decorate Christmas Tree at home Easy Steps

Christmas is around the corner, and we know you are excited about this holiday season. Aren’t we all? The most awaited Christmas tree decoration lights up the festival and creates a cozy and warm feeling in our hearts. Christmas trees come to life this season, so if you want to create something special this Christmas, we can give you tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree. We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas for your Christmas tree decorations. They are easy, simple, inexpensive, and best of all, your kids can help you out! So, let’s make this Christmas a special one with some good decorations. Talking about Christmas and Christmas decorations, everyone has a desire to decorate that perfect Christmas tree using various ornaments, lights, and baubles in a stylish and festive manner. It is very beneficial and handy to know about some easy tips to decorate your Xmas tree at home at low expense. After all, the Christmas tree will act as a centerpiece of your home during the festive season, bringing you pride and joy. But before you move ahead with Christmas tree drawing and Decor ideas, it is important to have the right tools. Cotton gloves, scissors, sturdy ladder, step stool, and other small equipment are a must-have.

13 Easy Steps to Decorate Christmas Tree at Home

Step 1: Buy a high-quality artificial tree

artificial Christmas tree
Make this Christmas fun and easy way to decorate your Christmas tree by buying an artificial one. If you get a high-quality tree, no one will ever know you have a fake fir. Nowadays, the design of these trees are so real, they come fully decorated, pre-lit and even more magical.

You can easily shop for these top-grade artificial trees online from different e-commerce websites. This is the best Christmas decor idea that is not just simple but also cost-effective, making it suitable for all people.

Step 2: Fluff and shape branches

Fluff and shape branches

Irrespective of the type of Christmas tree and manner of purchase, you will have to fluff it properly before resembling an actual tree. This will also ensure that it looks as much as full and lifelike as possible.

It’s easy to fluff and shape the branches as you don’t need too many tools for it. For instance:

• For taller artificial Christmas trees, you can reach the top by using a ladder or stool.

• Read the instructions on how to fluff or shape the tree.

• Wear gloves while you fluff and shape to avoid needles.

Step 3: Design around a theme

Design around a theme near Christmas Tree
With so many decorations to style up the Christmas tree, you can easily find a theme which is easy yet attractive, glittering, warmth and bring a feeling of Christmas to your home. It can be around pines, snowflakes, bells, etc. You can find a variety in the market and mix and match the theme with the colour that you’ve decided on decorating your house.

Further, there are various options in the themes for interiors. It is very easy to design around a theme. You can choose from modern to classical designs that vary in style and color options.

Step 4: Traditional Incandescent Lights

Traditional Incandescent Christmas Tree Lights
When it’s time to light up your Christmas tree, make sure you use traditional incandescent lights. They last for at least 2-4 years, this means they are good quality and would not burn down your tree. And, the best part is they create the aura of Christmas warm and cozy feeling.

These conventional incandescent lights are cost-effective and can be availed in various options of voltages, light outputs, and current. Further, these are known for their ability to render color in the perfect manner.

Step 5: Choose the right decorations

Choose the right decorations for Christmas Tree
As they say, it’s the simple things that make the bulk of it. A simple decorated Christmas tree makes it look all the more classy. Try not to deck up the Christmas tree with useless decorations, keep it light, simple but make it stand out with the best ornaments that you have in your house.

Further, there are a host of very cost-effective decorations. These are available in various shapes, styles, and designs. Also, these can be acquired online from different websites and delivered to your doorstep.

Step 6: Cluster your baubles

Cluster your baubles for Christmas Tree
Baubles were created for a symbolic meaning which originated from the Roman tradition. Over time, they became very popular today. So, if you have lots of baubles. Hang them all on your Christmas tree as they come in many shapes, sizes and colours.

These are available in variant sizes, however, it is not recommended to purchase different sizes of baubles. The aim is to make a cluster, and this is possible only when the baubles are of the same size.

Step 7: Add Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas Tree Garland
Garlands add a touch of warmth and texture to your Christmas tree and create an overall theme to your tree. Always make sure to put the garland after you have decked up the tree with lights, you wouldn’t want to mess with the dangling wires, etc. And, it’s a lot easier to arrange them as you desire.

This is among the easy tips to decorate your Xmas tree at home at low expense. You can shop online for this Christmas decor idea from various websites; just make sure that the quality is assured and their prices are less.

Step 8: Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments

Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments
Hanging ornaments on your Christmas tree is a lot easier than you think. Get all your ornaments together and give your tree that personal touch. It can be new, old ornaments or even family heirlooms, they add beauty and grace to your tree. When all, this is done, be sure to inspect that you’ve placed your favourite ornaments.

You can even make your ornaments using the basic materials available at home. Paper, cardboard, and many other items can be easily used to make hanging Christmas tree ornaments. Further, you can also give them a personalized touch.

Step 9: Layer and style ribbons

Layer and style ribbons for Christmas Tree
This is a fun part, layers and styling the ribbons on the tree. Always remember to choose a good quality ribbon so their threads do not hang around the tree. It’s your choice how you want to highlight the tree, you can go for a jute ribbon or get a shimmery satin for a luxe look. You have choices and ways to incorporate them into the Christmas tree.

This Christmas decor idea is one of the best ones that does not require too much effort. It requires care and basic skills to layer and style the ribbons on your Christmas tree.

Step 10: Use tree picks

Christmas Tree
Tree pricks come in many styles, ranging from berries, pinecones, poinsettia, and tinsel clips. Remember to style these tree pricks at different angles, it can be dowe or straight to add dimension to your tree, fill the gaps, and decorate it throughout the tree using various styles.

These are generally made using plastic and foam and are extremely realistic in appearance. The tree picks are good in quality and do not fade or break. These can be used for indoor and outdoor decorations.

Step 11: Choose the right tree topper

Choose the right Christmas tree topper
There are few factors to consider when choosing a Christmas tree topper, the whole purpose of placing the topper is to highlight the tree. Therefore, consider its shape, weight, height and the theme of the tree. The taller the tree, the smaller the tree topper will appear, you will have to also consider the lighting and space for the tree.

If you need any assistance in selecting the right tree topper, then check various guides online. You can simply discuss this with your near and dear ones to make the correct selection for a tree topper.

Step 12: Balance the decor

Design around a theme near Christmas Tree
Don’t overdo the decorations, you already have plenty on your Christmas tree. Keeping it simple and adding only the best ornaments, lights, etc. will make it an attractive tree to the eyes of your visitors and your family too.

Overdoing the decoration will add a mute appearance to the room that will bring a boring feel to the interiors. But for Christmas eve, the decorations must be vivid yet balanced.

Step 13: Finish off with a tree skirt

Red Christmas Tree Skirt
This is easy and the last of it all! Choose a Christmas tree skirt that matches the theme of your tree, and find something simple and elegant as your tree is lit up well with amazing decorations.

With this perfect finishing, you will be able to ensure the perfect Christmas Eve that will be enjoyed by everyone. Make sure that the finishing is perfect and in tune with the interior Christmas decor.

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