How to Buy Kerala Lottery Ticket Online

Kerala State Lottery: Are you interested to buy the Kerala lottery? Check easy steps to buy your favorite number lottery ticket online. you can also check and download the Kerala lottery result here!

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Check easy steps to buy your favorite number Kerala lottery ticket online.

The idea of Kerala State Lotteries first came into light in the year 1967. It was initiated by the then Finance Minister of Kerala, Late Shri. P. K. Kunju Sahib, who envisioned a stable income for the poor and a major source of non-taxable revenue for the state, at the same time. And, since then it has been a success. Kerala Lottery Content

Kerala Lottery 2021: 6 Easy Steps to Buy Kerala Bumper Lottery Ticket Online

Step 1: Visit Official Website.

Login to Kerala State Lotteries website-

Step 2: Select Lotteries

Select the ‘BUY’ button as shown below the available lottery ticket names on the official website. Multiple tickets can be added to the cart.

Step 3: Confirm Your Cart

Then, you have to confirm your cart details. In case of any modification, one can use the + or – symbol to increase or decrease the number of tickets.

Step 4: Select Mode of Delivery

After selecting the mode of delivery, you have to fill the given form with details like name, address & WhatsApp number along with the country code.

Step 5: Make Payment

You will be redirected to payment gateway interface.You can Make Payment Using Debit/Credit Cards, UPI, Netbanking, Paytm or any other Wallets etc.

Step 6: Receive Ticket By Posts

You will receive the kerala lottery tickets to your address by Speed Post or courier service.

How to Check Today’s Kerala Lottery Result?

  1. Visit the Kerala Lottery’s official website.
  2. Click on the ‘Result View’ display on the website header menu.
  3. Then Choose the lottery result date and click on the view link.
  4. Lottery Draw PDF will be displayed on the new window.

Kerala State Lottery Results of Last 30 Draws

Kerala Lottery Neme Result Date Draw PDF
WIN-WIN(W-601) 01/02/2021 View
KARUNYA(KR-484) 30/01/2021 View
NIRMAL(NR-209) 29/01/2021 View
AKSHAYA(AK-482) 27/01/2021 View
WIN-WIN(W-600) 25/01/2021 View
KARUNYA(KR-483) 23/01/2021 View
NIRMAL(NR-208) 22/01/2021 View
AKSHAYA(AK-481) 20/01/2021 View
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-245) 19/01/2021 View
WIN-WIN(W-599) 18/01/2021 View
Xmas New Year Bumper 2020-21 BR-77 17/01/2021 View
KARUNYA(KR-482) 16/01/2021 View
NIRMAL(NR-207) 15/01/2021 View
AKSHAYA(AK-480) 13/01/2021 View
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-244) 12/01/2021 View
WIN-WIN(W-598) 11/01/2021 View
KARUNYA(KR-481) 09/01/2021 View
NIRMAL(NR-206) 08/01/2021 View
AKSHAYA(AK-479) 06/01/2021 View
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-243) 05/01/2021 View
WIN-WIN(W-597) 04/01/2021 View
BHAGYAMITHRA(BM-2) 03/01/2021 View
KARUNYA(KR-480) 02/01/2021 View
NIRMAL(NR-205) 01/01/2021 View
AKSHAYA(AK-478) 30/12/2020 View
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-242) 29/12/2020 View
WIN-WIN(W-596) 28/12/2020 View
KARUNYA(KR-479) 26/12/2020 View
NIRMAL(NR-204) 25/12/2020 View
AKSHAYA(AK-477) 23/12/2020 View
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-241) 22/12/2020 View
WIN-WIN(W-595) 21/12/2020 View
KARUNYA(KR-478) 19/12/2020 View
NIRMAL(NR-203) 18/12/2020 View
AKSHAYA(AK-476) 16/12/2020 View
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-240) 15/12/2020 View
WIN-WIN(W-594) 14/12/2020 View
KARUNYA(KR-477) 12/12/2020 View
NIRMAL(NR-202) 11/12/2020 View
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-239) 10/12/2020 View

What is Kerala Lottery?

Kerala Lottery came into existence in 1967 after all the private lotteries were banned by the state. First of its kind, it is a legal lottery program that is run by the Government of Kerala. Conducting regular draws, the Lottery Department has around 465 officials and is successfully operating under the Taxes Department.

Kerala Lottery Types
The Lottery Department issues weekly lotteries and bumper lotteries. The seven weekly lotteries include;

  1. WIN-WIN Kerala Lottery
  2. NIRMAL Kerala Lottery
  3. AKSHAYA, (PRATHEEKSHA) Renamed As KARUNYA PLUS Kerala Lottery From KN-1 Onwards
  4. KARUNYA Kerala Lottery
  5. STHREE-SAKTHI Kerala Lottery

Also, 6 bumper lotteries are organized during religious holidays & other important events. These are- Vishu, Thiruvonam, Pooja, Xmas- New year, Monsoon & Summer.

Kerala Lottery Prize

The state department of Kerala Lotteries has been rolling out numerous lotteries weekly. However, the prize amount for each lottery differs. The minimum price starts from Rs 100/- and it can go up to 1 crore rupees. The prize for the bumper lottery can go up to 12 crores.

Kerala Lottery Draw Time

There are a total of 7 weekly lotteries, one draw is conducted for each lottery starting from Monday to Sunday. The draw for weekly Kerala Lotteries is generally held between 3 pm to 4 pm every day, in a transparent manner. On the other hand, a draw for bumper lotteries is usually conducted at 2 pm.

Kerala Lottery Playing Guide and Tips

There is a vast distribution network of retailers and agents from whom you can purchase tickets. Tickets can be purchased in physical form from shops or people can also buy lotteries online through the official website or authorized agents.

Kerala Lottery Official Website

Kerala State Lotteries has designed an extremely informative and easy-accessible website for the users. The official site address is;, where all the relevant information regarding lottery types, prize structure, how to buy lottery, prize claim, and more is given. The site is timely updated with upcoming draw dates and results.

Kerala State Lottery FAQs

1How many lotteries are there in Kerala?

The lottery department of the Kerala Government has been issuing seven weekly lotteries, along with six bumper lotteries.

2How to Claim Kerala Lottery Prize?

To claim the prize money, you have to submit the ticket/s to any lottery office in Kerala. In case, you cannot visit Kerala for this purpose, you have to send the winning ticket/s through the post within 25 days from the date of the draw to the following address: Inlux Intelligence Meeyapadavu P.O. Kasargod, PIN – 671323

3Are Kerala State Lotteries legal?

Kerala State Lotteries is 100% legal as it is run by the Government. The sale of lotteries is undertaken through a wide network of more than 35,000 agents as well as more than 100,000 retailers.

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