How to Apply For Canadian Study Permit Online

Study Permit in Canada: If you want to study in Canada, you must apply for a study permit before you come to Canada. check easy steps to fill the study visa form.

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How to apply Canada Study Visa Online Step by Step full information form filling

How to apply Canada Study Visa Online Step by Step full information form filling

With the right degree, you can transform your career and prepare yourself for the best employment. Canada is a country which ranks as one of the best countries in the world in terms of education, work and quality of life. For students who wants to go to Canada, there are many benefits for international students. Whether you study in a large, vibrant or small campus, Canada offers the best educational system. Canada has a welcoming community with an outstanding quality of education. It is recognized worldwide, and there’s no better place to study than Canada, an ideal place for international students.

Study Permit: How to apply Canada Study Visa Online Step by Step information

Step 1: Create Account

First and foremost create an account on the immigration website, Fill in details with all your information. Don’t leave any blank space as they all need to be entered.

Step 2: Update background and program details

This is the part where you have to update your background, including your education, family details and others.

Step 3: Upload Document

Keep all your documents ready before you create an account. You will need to have all the required documents asked by the immigrations and universities.

Step 4: Pay Visa Fee

Once all the documents are uploaded with any interruption, you can then pay your visa fees. The details are given above regarding the visa fees.

Step 5: Submit and Track

Check and review your application before entering the submit button. Once you submit your application, you can track its status with ease.

What is a Study Permit?

A study permit is a document issued to international students to study in Canada. It is not a visa, issued only after your study permit is approved. This permit allows you to stay in Canada for the length of your study program, with an extra 90 days extension to extend your stay.

Which Documents are required for Canadian Visa?

The documents vary for different countries to apply for a Canadian visa. However, the general documents required for a Canadian visa are:

  • Passport
  • Visa Application Form
  • Proof of Medical Certificate
  • Proof of Financial Means
  • Photographs
  • Proof of returning to the homeland
  • Cover letter from work, parents, or sponsors
  • Letter of support or invitation to Canada
  • Proof of free criminal record
  • Valid Passport

Passport Validity is the length of time for which a passport is valid to be used for traveling to another country. Every passport has a certain date and year of expiration, if it is expired, it cannot be used as a valid form of identification for travel.

Eligibility criteria for Canada Student Visa

An international student who wants to study in Canada must apply for a study permit/visa at a designated institution. Students must submit the following documents to be eligible for the criteria of a student visa:

Proof of Identity: Valid Passport, Photographs, Date of Birth Certificate

Proof of Acceptance: Students must submit a letter of acceptance from the university

Proof of Financial Support: Student loan, Bank statements for the last 4 months, Letter from the sponsor, funding paid scholarships from within Canada

Canada Student Visa Cost

Studying in Canada can be expensive, but it is available at lower tuition rates than any other country. The study permit (including extensions) cost C$150, and as proof of financial support, you will have to show sufficient funds of your family sponsoring your expenses.

Types of Canada Student Visa

Study Permit: This student visa permits an international student to study in Canada for a specified duration of the course or program.

No Visa: This allows an international student to study in Canada for less than 6 months. This is eligible for a member of the foreign armed force and staff or member of a foreign representative to Canada.

Temporary Resident Visa: This visa is required if an international student is from a country which requires an entry into Canada, it is required for some countries.

Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution

An Institution in Canada should be familiar with issuing the acceptance letter for students from abroad. However, the students must verify all the necessary information when submitting a letter to the designated institution. It requires IRCC, information of the applicant, a program of the applicant, and the issued letter of acceptance by the institution.

Proof of Funds

To be eligible for the study permit in Canada, you should show that you can support your funds, here’s what you need:

  1. Your Canadian bank account
  2.  Proof of education or student loan from a bank
  3. Last 4 months of bank statements
  4. Bank draft
  5.  Paid tuition and housing fees
  6. A letter from a sponsor
  7. Scholarship funded educational program paid from within Canada
  8. Passport Size Photographs
  9. Provide two photographs
  10. Photographs must be taken within last 6 months
  11. Photographs must be taken against plain white or light colour background
  12. Photograph’s size must be 33mm*45mm
  13. Photographs must show the full front view
  14.  Face should be in the middle of the photograph
  15. Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

An Immigration Medical Examination (IME) must be obtained by citizens applying for a temporary or permanent visa which includes the following:

  • Physical and mental examination
  • Diagnostic test
  • Laboratory test
  • Medical assessment and review of past medical history
  •  A Panel Physician can perform this examination.
  • English Language Proficiency Exam Score

The English Language Proficiency Exam Score plays an important role in acquiring a study permit. Therefore, you will need to demonstrate your English language score by taking the IELTS Academic test. It assesses your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills on a scale from 1-9 in all these four skills.

Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose should contain all your personal information, including your interest, goals, achievements etc. The purpose is to convince the faculty about your interest in the program, their university. Tell the faculty why the program would be a good fit for your career and future.

 Credit Card

For any kinds of payment, you will need to do it through a credit card. The card has to be issued from a well-known bank for easy flow of payment and transaction.

CANADA STUDY VISA| Complete process and expenses

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