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Brihaspati is a Guru Dev of all the devas and planets. Brihaspati Bhagwan appeared in the Rigveda.

Brihaspati Deva Ji Ki Aarti in English

Om Jai Brihaspati Deva, Jai Brihaspati Deva.
Chin ChinBhoogLagaoonPhalMewa II OM II

Tum PuranParmatama, Tum Antaryami.
JagatpitaJagdeeshvar Tum Sabke Swami II OM I

CharnamritNijNirmal, Sab PatakHarta.
SakalManorathDayak, KripaKaroBharta II OM II

Tan Mann Arpankar Jo JannSharanPade.
PrabhuPrakat Tab Hokar, AakarDwarKhade II OM II

DeenDayalDayaniddhi, BhaktanHitkari.
Paap Dosh Sab Harta, BhavBandhanHaar II OM II

SakalManorathDayak, Sab Sanshay Taro.
Vishay VikarMitaoSantanSukhkari II OM II

Jo Koi Aarti Teri PremSahit Gave.
Jaeshtanand Band So SoNischay Pave II OM II

Sab Bolo Vishnu Bhagwan Ki Jai.
Sab Bolo Brihaspati Bhagwan Ki Jai.

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Brihaspati Dev Ji Ki Aarti in Hindi

Brihaspati dev ki aarti in Hindi
Brihaspati dev ki aarti in Hindi

Brihaspati is a purohit with knowledge and character, and the ability to drive away from the darkness. In Vedic astrology, Shri Brihaspati is referred to as Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Guru Dev is worshipped by Hindus on Thursdays for aesthetic life, good health, education, long life, success and wealth. Devotees wear yellow clothes and offer yellow items to Brihaspati Bhagwan in the puja. People also recite Brihaspati Ji Ki Aarti at the end of the puja.

About Brihaspati Ji

 Brihaspati Ji is a sage born from the first great light to remove darkness and teach dharma to all. The Dev guru is a master of many pearls of wisdom. He is unmatched among the wise. He has written dharmasastra, Vastu sastra, Niti sastra and Brihaspati smriti. He is kind-hearted and provides justice. The best day to worship him is Thursday.

Mantra of Brihaspati Dev Ji

In Sanskrit
ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नमः।।

In English
Om Brahm Brihaspataye Namah ।।

Brihaspati Ji Ki Sawari

Shri brihaspati dev ji ki Sawari
Shri brihaspati dev ji ki Sawari

Brihaspati Bhagwan is scripted in various Hindu scriptures. He is known for riding an elephant. The lord is also seen mounting a chariot that is drawn by eight white horses.

Brihaspati Ji Symbol

Shri Brihaspati is described as yellow or gold colour, holding a lotus, beads and a stick. The protector of the world signifies all auspicious and fortunate things.

Brihaspati Ji History and Significance

 Brihaspati Bhagwan is a son of Mahasiddha Angiras Nath and Surupa. He used to counsel the gods and he once counselled Indra in the war against asuras. He married Tara and his son Bharadvaja played a significant role as a counsellor of the Pandavas in Mahabharata. There is only one temple of Jupiter all across the world. He had three other wives, Subha, Suniti and Mamta. He had two sons from his wife Mamta, seven daughters from his wife Subha and no children with his wife Suniti. The lord of intellect and wisdom is worshipped to ward off sins, gaining strength, good health, cure stomach problems and longevity.

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